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Welcome at the fan studio

TULLU, a leading brand which began its success story with the manufacturing of water pumps, was founded by Late Shri Vijay Kumar Sah in the year 1958. Earnest efforts and quality production led TULLU to grow in size with the manufacturing of products like FHP motor and Sewing machine motor, making TULLU a supplier of well-known brands like Usha, TATA, Singer, OEM etc. Widely held to be a brand signifying excellence, reliability and efficiency, TULLU has registered several awards, honors and recognitions for its products and export.

Following the success of TULLU, Mr. Shishir Kumar Sah, expanded his vision and engaged in the setting up of a new company entitled “Tullu Domestic Appliance” where qualified and innovative engineers looked into the performance, quality and stability of products such as mixer and grinder also famously called “BOOTY”, exhaust fans, coolers, standard ceiling fans and table fans. Fortified with all possible modern equipment for testing, the company currently adheres to strict quality standard of both old and new products.

It was the confidence of the accomplishment of these two companies and especially the popularity of Sangati fans that encouraged the dedicated founder Mr. Sah to dwell into his creativities and come up with the idea of taking up manufacturing of designer fans. Conceiving fans as not just a utility appliance, he focused on fans being aesthetic symbols of people’s personal style statement. He elevated fans to a level of status definers by letting customers explore their own ingenuity in choosing a designer fan for themselves. It was then that this firm brought together exquisite traditional Indian art work such as Agra’s intricate marble inlay, Jaipur’s striking and fine metal carvings, glorious woodwork of Saharanpur, etc. in single pieces of designer fans. What makes these fans user friendly is the advanced technology of functioning that goes into the making of these designer fans which not just look amazing because of the careful hand work of the artists but work extraordinarily well. It was this organization which established a landmark by accepting orders for manufacturing designer fans when there was no market for it.

As the market became fertile, designer fans assumed the category of luxury and lifestyle signs which every person according to his or her taste, requirement and imagination wants to be exclusively their own. Keeping in view such developments this enterprise launched “The Fan Studio” a channel for design oriented fans. It has been achieving a great success with the marketing department’s thorough support under the Director Mr. Prateek Sah. Consisting of wide range of products under the major classes of Classic and Contemporary designs, The Fan Studio offers you fans with unique designs flaunting brilliant craft work with focus on minute details. The Classic series standing for its name has fans with such mesmerizing styles, hand work and polish that one is bound to transport back into the time of luxury, grandeur or appealing rustic aura. Similarly, the Contemporary range of designer fans with their clear designs, urban making and futuristic look, are made to enhance all kinds of urban set ups from simple apartments to huge modern bungalows with the versatility of polish extending from chrome brushed aluminum to the use stainless steel.