5 Reasons to Choose HVLS Ceiling Fans for an Industrial Space

5 Reasons to Choose HVLS Ceiling Fans for an Industrial Space

Although many would consider ceiling fans to be only a part of homes and offices, did you know that special industrial fans are also available? These fans are noted for their length and weight and are most common in shed settings or manufacturing spaces. HVLS ceiling fans, or High Volume, Low-Speed ceiling fans, thrive in large areas to provide workers with high-quality air. 

It is known that industrial spaces also have several ceiling fans that are spread over calculated distances to provide air to workers. In this blog, we will be talking about why an HVLS ceiling fan is the best choice for industrial spaces.

What Exactly Is an HVLS Ceiling Fan?

Think about the biggest fan in the world. Well, an HVLS ceiling fan is any fan that is bigger than seven feet in diameter. A big fan means that the weight of the fan and the blades are going to be huge. In addition, these fans are slower and rotate less in one minute as compared to a normal modern ceiling fan that is installed in homes and offices.

While many may think that such a big fan moving at a slow speed won’t give off any air, the truth is the opposite. HVLS ceiling fans move WAY more air in an area and can affect the entire dynamics of a room better than a small ceiling fan. Some HVLS fall under the category of "best ceiling fans in India" because of their customizable features and dynamics.

Why HVLS Ceiling Fan for Industrial Spaces?

Companies, factories, manufacturing zones, and large warehouses are known to have HVLS ceiling fans as their primary source of airflow. Some of the reasons why these fans are preferred more than a large group of ceiling fans include:

1. Economically Convenient

Industrial spaces are significant. They stretch over thousands of square feet and host a lot of material and equipment. Installing several small ceiling fans to ensure proper airflow throughout the industrial space is an expensive affair. To tackle this, HVLS ceiling fans were created.

Contrary to proper belief, these HVLS ceiling fans may be slow, but they provide quality air to any space that they are fitted in. These fans combine the power of three or four ceiling fans to provide genuine air flow within a space.

2. Superior Air Quality

Big fans provide better air. They are spaced over a large area, and their rotational speed enables a greater mass of air to be pushed down. For an industrial space where there is a requirement for a lot of air within the area, HVLS ceiling fans are the perfect solution.

3. Power Saving

In addition, the best ceiling fans in India are known to not only provide great air quality but also save energy in the process. These provide superior performance every day and save on electricity bills. Some custom-made HVLS ceiling fans are also made to save more power than others to further be of help to the environment.

Think about a tonne of small ceiling fans in an industrial space. They would not only consume more power but would also be ineffective beyond a certain range. HVLS fans are an ideal solution for this problem.

4. Stylish 

The best part about being in the category of the best ceiling fan in India is that HVLS fans can be stylish. Even though most ceiling fans are made and look the same, some fans are unique. Even in an industrial setting where the dominant fans are the HVLS ceiling fans, these can be made to look stylish and elegant.

The thing about style is the look and feel of a fan. The look and feel of a fan are what define style. Modern ceiling fans are designed to ensure that they provide maximum performance while looking classy. These fans are made from customer materials and can be optimized according to the wishes of the client. HVLS fans, though massive and placed in an industrial space, are no exception.

The Fan Studio offers a variety of different HVLS ceiling fans that range in blade number to build material.

5. Customizable

With the latest technology and innovation, the only limit to customization is the imagination. For furniture, especially, most of the furniture today is modified to accommodate futuristic features. For example, today some fans are remote-controlled or can not only control the airflow but the temperature of space as well. 

Customizable does not only refer to the amount of technology contained within a fan, but also to the material and construction of the fan. HVLS ceiling fans, one of the best ceiling fans in India, are no exception. These fans can be customized in terms of blade count, technology, functionality, and a variety of other parameters.

Where Can HVLS Fans be Installed?

Due to the dimensions of HVLS ceiling fans, they can be installed in spaces that have a greater width. HSVLs are ceiling fans, and for the safety of everyone and for the proper functioning of the fan, a ceiling space that is more than 12-15 feet would be standard for installing a fan.

Most of the HVLS fans are seen to be extended from a pole or are longer compared to ceiling fans that are higher up. The only reason for this is the quality of airflow within a space. The height of a fan and its type of airflow have a complex relationship that is based on air dynamics and physics. 

HVLS fans are common in warehouses, manufacturing factories, labor houses, and even sheds in schools, storage units, and other large areas. Some of the most renowned companies in the world that have storage and processing units use HVLS ceiling fans every day.

Where to Purchase an HVLS Ceiling Fan?

If it’s a ceiling fan that you are opting for, there is nothing better than the purchase of a customized ceiling fan. No one is a better counselor in this matter than The Fan Studio. We are the manufacturers and distributors of some of the best ceiling fans in India, catering to a variety of clients from posh hotels to Bollywood celebrities.

Before purchasing one of the best ceiling fans, some factors must be considered. Here's a quick guide to customizing and selecting an HVLS ceiling fan that's perfect for your industrial space and your budget.

  • Make a purchase only from the best HVLS fan manufacturer in India. The quality of the fan is a big factor and the manufacturer's reputation plays a big role. For long-term usage and fewer complications, purchasing from nothing but the best is advisable.

  • Understand the additional benefits of owning the fan. Nowadays, only giving quality air is not enough for customers. Additional benefits like less power consumption, being environmentally friendly, being supported by remote / app, etc, are additional benefits. Most of the best ceiling fans in India have multiple benefits to them for customers to invest in.

In Conclusion,

HVLS fans are the only solution to providing quality air in an industrial space. These fans are big, they are effective, and mostly they are cost-saving and economically convenient. Some of the best ceiling fans in India in this category offer a variety of features to customers. These fans are also available in a variety of customizations based on the needs of the customer and the space that the fan is intended to serve. 

We at The Fan Studio offer a range of HVLS ceiling fans that are bound to complement any industrial space.