Decorative Fans in 5-Star Hotels by The Fan Studio

Decorative Fans in 5-Star Hotels by The Fan Studio

An interior decor setting requires the correct type of styling and the right elements to bring everything together into one component. With the changes and the demand to renovate to fit into a type of “ambiance”, hotels and resorts are constantly looking to change their furniture and interior elements to bring out a “wow” and satisfaction amongst customers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that decorative fans grace the walls and ceilings of most five-star hotels across the world.

The obsession with having something unique and never-seen-before be a part of an interior setting has been there in humans for years. This obsession stemming from being possessive and unique has been passed down through generations and is not a significant part of interior design. The trend today is to have a statement piece or a unique ceiling fan adorning the ceiling of one’s space to make it stand out more than ever.

Decorative Fans & Hotels: A Series

Hotels are not the same as one’s home. There has to be a significant difference between the interior of a hotel and how customers perceive the interior to be and what a home should be like. This difference is created only through the different elements that are placed within the space. 

Amongst other things, interior decor experts have identified that unique ceiling fans are one of the best ways to improve the overall appearance of a place. Some of the reasons why design fans are a popular choice for hotel interiors:

  • They are unique and catch the attention of guests and other passersby instantly.
  • They can be customized to match the interior decor and the vibe of the hotel where they are placed.
  • Designer fans come with several benefits including electricity saving and being environmentally friendly.
  • They are long-term investments and assets for the hotel where they are being installed.
  • Invite the future and ease of operations into a living space with living modernly styled living fans. 

What’s So Special About Our Fans?

Designer fans that are unique, luxurious, and exceed the expectations of functionality - that’s what defines The Fan Studio products. With interior decor and design shifting into a phase where different styles of interior decor are emerging off of the personality of homeowners, customizable goods are in high demand. 

Customized products are statement pieces. They are made as per the requirement and the desires of homeowners to accentuate the interior of space in a different way. For decorative fans, it is easy to go through the customization process. The Fan Studio takes special care in ensuring that products have end-to-end customizations that make them unique and one of a kind in the market. 

In addition to using only the best products for making decorative fans, we also ensure that some additional features and benefits are given to all our customers. The Fan studio caters to customer service and satisfaction over anything else, making it the go-to place for incorporating interior decor statement pieces in any space.

Designer Fans in Luxury Hotels

Most would think that a chandelier or a statement art piece would make the center of attention in luxury hotels around the world. But, interior design research has found that it is often the simple things and the intricate details and thought that go into making the design that matter more than anything. This is the reason why most of the world’s and India’s hotels have made a shift into opting for luxury ceiling fans.

The best part about having a unique ceiling fan is that it is not only restricted to being placed in the hall or the common areas of a hotel. These can be placed within the interior setting of rooms for guests, and they will fit in perfectly.

Some of the hotels that The Fan Studio has provided exclusive services include:

  • Mayfair Hotel, Puri
  • Sol de Goa, Goa
  • The Taj Hotel, Udaipur
  • The Taj Hotel, Rishikesh
  • Vivanta by Taj, Bentota
  • The Diwa Club by Alila, Goa
  • Samoda Palace, Jaipur

What makes the interior of 5-star hotels different?

Hotels pay special attention to the service, ambiance, and level of satisfaction that they provide to customers. The sole purpose of the hotel is to ensure that all customers have a comfortable and a worry-free experience with them. As one of the biggest industries that are always active, hotels need to have the ambiance and the assets that will make them stand out from the rest of the competition.

The interior of hotels is a differentiating factor for hotels. The more intricate and luxurious an interior looks to a customer, the more likely it is that the hotel will get booked. With the current age of digital technology, it is imperative for hotels to be picturesque to gain more customers and fame in the market.

Also, luxury hotels spend exorbitant amounts of time and effort into ensuring that their interior is curated by nothing less than the best of items that complement one another. Luxury hotels have to maintain a brand image for themselves, which is the reason why their interiors are better than normal hotels.

To Conclude,

Decorative fans are not only a statement piece for 5-star hotels that invest in ensuring that their interior stands out, but are available for everyone. Hotels that invest more in their outward appearance clubbed with their hospitality services gain more attention from customers in the market.

The Fan Studio is delighted to be a part of providing customized unique ceiling fans for so many big brands around India and internationally. These fans, which are curated not only to look amazing in any interior setting come with a variety of positive benefits that assist hotels in several different ways.

Be it in the common area of a hotel where everyone gathers or individual rooms, these designer fans have always stood out because of the intricate ergonomic design that they portray. The best part about these luxury ceiling fans is that they are easily customizable and affordable for anyone who wishes to add a touch of elegance to their space.

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