Own Hotels in Southern Kerela? Designer Ceiling Fan is a Must-Have for You!

Own Hotels in Southern Kerela? Designer Ceiling Fan is a Must-Have for You!

The majority of business people and visitors are familiar with Cochin, Calicut, and northern Kerela. Southern Kerela has an uncommercialized sense of quiet. Kumarakom, a natural masterpiece, is set against the backdrop of Vembanad Lake. The backwaters bring in 60% of the city's tourists. The famous Jatayu from the Ramayana epic is said to have fallen while battling in this region's Jatayu Park, and the Jatayu Rock is a sight to behold.

Thiruvananthapuram's Varkala beach is where Kerela meets the Arabian Sea. At Edava Beach, the backwater flows parallel to the sea. Kovalam is comparable yet distinct, marketed yet clean, with many luxury hotels. It is a popular destination for western tourists, particularly the lighthouse beach with its German bakery, where people may relax. Thekkady is a lovely hill station known for its tea plantations and the Periyar National Park.

So, do you own any hotel or resort in these tourist spots? If yes, then you need to make sure that your luxury hotel or resort space pleases the eye of your guests.

The visual appeal of your hotel or resort is the most important aspect you need to consider when creating a luxury environment for your guests. Hosting a comforting space is arguably more critical. Using high-quality designer ceiling fans in hotel guestrooms and villas with Kerela or heritage architecture can enhance your grandeur. But, coastal places may get hot, and many guests aren't used to it!

So how can you give a cooling solution that doesn't detract from your interior design while yet allowing your guests to relax in cool comfort?

The Fan Studio specialises in the design and marketing of high-quality designer ceiling fans in India that complement a variety of hotel and resort surroundings.

Luxury & Decorative Ceiling Fans Visibly Anchor the Space

Hotel common areas, such as the lobby and conference rooms, benefit from air movement, which keeps the people fresh and alert. Ceiling Fans are a necessity for both aesthetic and comfort, and The Fan Studio is your source for designer ceiling fans.

We have high-quality fancy ceiling fans for your guest rooms as well as sturdy fans that may be utilised in an outside bar or restaurant if you require designer ceiling fans for your hotel/resort.

There are numerous advantages to using a ceiling fan in both guest rooms and public areas. It is evident that ceiling fans are used to gently cool the room or place they are in. The fans eliminate the nasty, stuffy feeling we get in a hotel room that has been closed since the last guest. Of course, the finest benefit a hotel can provide its customers is a good night's sleep by giving a luxury comfortable feel in their rooms.

That's why the ceiling fans in The Fan Studio are so peaceful and luxurious! There will be no buzzing, hissing, or clanking to wake weary travellers, allowing business guests to be mindful land focused for the day.

Colonial Ceiling Fans:

This fan has a sleek, streamlined design and a highly exquisite finish. It was designed to look like a vintage fan, yet it has its own distinct charm.

Wooden blades with a characteristic fold impression complete the design. Colonial antique wall fans look great with dark or wooden furniture and décor. They are ideal for usage in any area of your hotel or resort.

Classical Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans in this category are distinguished by their simple design and silhouettes in neutral colours. This fan has a sleek, streamlined design and a highly exquisite finish. Blades with a trademark fold impression add to the distinctive appearance.

As a design feature, its simplicity and superior functionality allow it to blend in with almost any environment.

Modern Ceiling Fans:

This term generally relates to the fan's exterior look. Shapes that are new and energetic, with a sleek appearance and sharp edges. Based on current trends, inspiration is cutting-edge.

Designer Ceiling fans are great for usage in hotel rooms. They make an attractive addition to guest rooms. White brushed and metallic silvers, paired with delicately finished wooden blades, are strong colour preferences. Follow us if you appreciate fans with current aesthetics.

Handcrafted Ceiling Fans:

A fan that became a canvas for an artist's ideas. This is a fan with hand-painted stories on it. Bright colours stand out to attract the eye and make one gaze up at the ceiling. A surefire conversation starter anyplace. You can use this fan at the hotel hall to make your entrance more attractive and appealing to the eye.

More of a work of art than a fan, it is intended for places where everything is customised and unique. This fan is a must-have for all elite vacation resorts.

Best Designer Fans Collection in India

The Fan Studio provides luxury designer ceiling fans to compliment any area, offering a pleasant and comfortable environment for your guests, regardless of location or style.

The Fan Studio collection of Designer fans is suitable for large luxurious restaurants or hotels, and resorts. Tropical resorts and luxury hotels can use these unique designer ceiling fans to create a lively and coastal vibe.

Please inquire about our fancy ceiling fan selection to identify and install the ideal fan.

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