Buy the Best Ceiling Fan in India: The Buyers Guide

Buy the Best Ceiling Fan in India: The Buyers Guide

The fan is no more the insignificant fixture of the house. Today a ceiling fan has a lot more to offer than just the cool air and circulation. Your Modern Ceiling Fan is a multitasker. It relaxes you with cool air, brightens your home with lights,  decorates your home by replacing expensive chandeliers, adds exciting elements of home decor, easy on energy bills and much more.

A ceiling fan is an inevitable part of our home. Maybe you are planning to buy the first fan or you may want to replace the existing fan, this isn't an easy decision to make. 

Modern ceiling fans come in different styles, finishes, technologies, colours, and details, to fit your requirement. However, it is overwhelming to choose a fit for your home with over dozens of varieties of each type available in the market.

We are here to help you to choose the Best Ceiling Fans in India. And ensure a smooth fan journey with ‘The Fan Studio’.

Things to Know to Choose the Best Ceiling Fans in India

Here are some expert tips to pick the best ceiling fan:

Energy consumption:

Ceiling fans are tirelessly rotating around the clock to comfort and relax you. Due to the continuous rotation, there is a lot of energy consumption in our homes. Ceiling fan partakes most of our energy bills, especially during summer. And buying an energy-efficient ceiling fan is a good idea to significantly bring down your energy budget.

A ceiling fan with modern technology will offer you comfort and save money at the same time. Hence it is recommended to buy an energy-efficient fan with ActiveBLDC technology.

‘The Fan Studio’ energy-efficient ceiling fans with ActiveBLDC technology have advanced motors and blades that will help you save energy consumption.


It is important to determine the location of a fan before buying. Know the use of the fan. Where will the fan go inside or outside? If it's outside and is directly exposed to outdoor elements, buy wet- a rated fan. If the fan is going inside the enclosed room such as a bathroom or laundry space, buy a damp-rated fan.

We offer fans designed to withstand the effect of wet-rated weather along with the certain effect of UV rays.

Size and Dimension

To avail maximum performance, it is important you buy the ceiling fan which is perfect as per your room size. 

For instance, a comfortably spacious drawing room, living room or bedroom or dining area performs well with a 50” to 54” ceiling fan. Overall, a bigger ceiling fan for a smaller room is of no use and vice versa. So, be it indoors or outdoors, consider buying ceiling fans that perfectly fit your size requirements. If you are confused with the size take the expert's help, to save you from buying the wrong ceiling fan.

Design and Style

The fan is a lot more than just a fixture. It is an integral part of the Integral home decor. The style and look of the fan should be entwined with the style and aesthetics of the room. 

Our ceiling fans come in elegant and classy finishes such as-

  • Laminated veneers
  • Solid wood
  • Metallic finish
  • Electroplated blades
  • Rustic or PU collection.

The ceiling fan should be in tune with the interiors of the house. For example, if you have a traditional house setup choose customised ceiling fans or designer ceiling fans, or for a contemporary set up choose a modern ceiling fan, or for a wooden interior setup choose wooden ceiling fans.

Our experts at The Fan Studio will help you choose the best ceiling for your need.

Consider the Warranty

Fans are the permanent fixture of our households, so, while purchasing you should look for a good warranty and long life lifespan fan. Some of the manufacturers offer in-home service. It is important to note that the life span of the fan is attributed to the powerful motor. In other words, the larger and more powerful motor is better for longer warranted fans.

Explore Our Popular Fan Choices

Let's explore the most beloved fans at The Fan Studio-

Handcrafted Ceiling Fans

The hand-crafted ceiling fans add an ethnic look to your home. The fan's designs reflect the Indian culture with its design art and techniques. The traditional artistry work is painted on the wood and metal of the fan. 

In addition to the traditional designs, our Handcrafted ceiling fans are no short of the latest technology. The fans offer ancient vibes, with the comfort of the world.

With us, there is no dearth of designs and varieties of Decorative and Designer fans. Explore the unique collection of Handcrafted Ceiling Fans at The Fan Studio.

Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fans are the top choice given their benefits. Our modern ceiling fans are imbibed with spectacular features such as-

  • Illuminated fan with mood light setting
  • Silent fans, that will not disturb your sleep
  • Classy interiors with incredible minimalistic designs.
  • anti-rust increases the lifespan of the fan.
  • Anti-dust reduces the cleaning effort.
  • Antique ceiling fans vintage look.

Customised Ceiling Fans

The customised ceiling fans add a personalised touch to your space. One can pick the design and functionalities of some of the best ceiling fans in India, to provide you with the most efficient performance. Our customised features include:

A number of blades: Select any number of blades between 2 to 5, as per your requirement.

Colour and texture: With a wide colour palette, choose the colour that complements the house interior.

Technology and innovation: Choose the best ceiling fan in India, which facilitates the temperature and humidity control.

Additional benefits: Buying ceiling fans from the Best  Fan Companies in India, offer the best services installation service and additional benefits for their clients.

Illumination feature: Customise your ceiling fan, by adding a lighting kit. In addition, you can set light according to your mood.

Add-on accessory: With our design and your pick option you can pick between a flush mount and a longer down rod for your fan.

You can simply shop for the accessories and add them to your cart. With our incredible customised we look after all your needs!

The great ceiling fan is your long-time companion, the people and things around you change, but the fan always stays with you all your highs and lows. So, it is paramount that you choose the right companion for you. At The Fan Studio, we understand you and your needs and design the Best Ceiling Fans for all your needs!