Buy Vintage Fan from the Best Fan Companies in India!

Buy Vintage Fan from the Best Fan Companies in India!

A fan is an appliance whose primary function is to circulate the air in the room. Today, the modern fan has gone far beyond just an air circulation fixture. The modern fan has come up with multifunctionality- it cools you, brightens your space, replaces your expensive chandelier, works as a fantastic home decor, easy on energy consumption. Yes, the list is long, the simple fixture of your home offers a myriad of benefits.

A lot of people nowadays want to give their homes a beautiful antique touch. If you spend a lot of time and money to beautify your home then why settle down with the dull conventional fan? Especially when there are so many amazing fans available.If you are looking for vintage or classic fans to impart a nostalgic feel to your home decor, check out some amazing vintage unique ceiling fans at the best fan companies in India.

Buy Vintage-style Fans from the Best  Fan Companies in India

Before making the decision of buying a vintage-styled fan from the best fan companies in India, let's know more about vintage fans:

What is the Difference Between Vintage Fans from Antique Fans

While buying a fan, if you are confused with vintage or antique fans, read the below discussion for a correct buying decision.

Vintage and classic essentially mean the old. While the general thumb rule to classify antique and vintage is the time period. The item to be classified as antique, it must be at least 100 years old. On the other hand, vintage items refer to items that are at least 20 years old.

 Antique and vintage terms are often synonymously used, while they are slightly different in design. Now, when it comes to antique and vintage fans, the key differentiator is the design of the fan.

Vintage fans can be classic or antique. The classic designs are neat and minimalist, while the antique ones are ornamental and artistic. The colours of the fans are very graceful like brown, deep brown, earthy brown snow white, and pearl white or subtle earthy brown shades.

The antique fans have remarkable ornamental looks. You may wonder why Antique fans run at low speed. The answer is of course to display the style and intricate design of the fan. These fans are often placed in large places, museums, and historical buildings.

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What is Unique about the Working of Antique/Vintage Fans?

Apart from top-notch vintage and antique look, these fans are no less efficient. These 

fans function just as regular fans. All the components used are carefully crafted to fit with the antique and vintage theme. The materials used are of superior quality and expensive

Hence they are costlier than the regular fan. But looking at the beauty and charm of the fan, buying these fans from the best fan companies in India is worth investing in.

Explore Unique Vintage Fans at  Best  Fan Companies in India

Drawing inspiration from antique designs and silhouettes, vintage fans have a beautiful retro feel. These fans are retro in looks and modern in functionality. So, you get the best of both worlds- Antique in feel, design and finish, and modern in features like-remote sensing, lightning, efficiency, and more.

These are standard in size and come in a variety of styles such as classic style, colonial style, and retro style. These fans usually have fancy blades made of wood or bronze finish. The paint and texture of the fans match the classic tone. Also, another most loved feature of vintage fans is the ornamental lights hanging on the motor hub.

The number of blades may vary from two to anywhere between six. The motive of the vintage fan is to enhance the overall vintage vibe of the space. And most importantly, it

 instantly change the space with an overall relaxing and comfortable vintage ambience.

Fans with retro and vintage designs exude a sense of nostalgia and charm. These fans feature intricate and engraved designs with decorative fan blades to add character and charm to your space.

Why Buy Vintage/Antique from the Best Fan Companies in India?

In the nutshell, both the vintage and antique fans speak volumes of exquisite and fine taste.

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Keep in mind, the style and aesthetics of your room, and choose the fan that is perfectly entwined with your interior style. And when it comes to selection, we have a myriad range of fans, we have got a fan for each of you!

Final words:

As the saying goes, everything old inevitably becomes new. An antique or vintage fan is the perfect finishing touch to the modern room. A unique ceiling fan will add charm and character to your space.

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