The Best Classical Ceiling Fan Collection in India!

The Best Classical Ceiling Fan Collection in India!

Ceiling fans are an amazing addition to any space, be it office, dining room, balcony, drawing room, etc., because of the convenience and elegance they can provide. Despite the common assumption that fans are unattractive, The Fan Studio offers a variety of classical fan designs that would undoubtedly boost any interior project.

Classical ceiling fans add to the comfort of a room and are available in so many styles that you are sure to discover the right accent for your space. The type of ceiling fan required depends on the style of your décor.

Types of Classical Ceiling Fans

1. King Crown

With its sheer grandeur inspired by an elegant chandelier form, this fan sets high design and luxury norms. Its burnished gold bodywork is a visual symphony that flows into a lovely bowl chandelier to generate magnificent illumination that floods into an area.

It is a design centre piece intended for top-tier private residences, heritage spaces, and elite resort stays that seek to give a high-end luxury experience in every way.

2.  Legend

A fan crafted with a simple and elegant design aesthetic. The vintage vented look for the hub and the four solid blades secured by leaf-shaped metal slots add to the colonial vibe.

This classical ceiling fan fits into houses and upscale commercial spaces as a design feature, providing both a good appearance and performance.

3. Diva 5 Blades

The fan is completed to perfection and has been smartly built with an emphasis on ergonomics and good performance. It's an interesting piece because of its great beauty in design and shapes.

This 5-blade classical ceiling fan is a commanding addition to any room. It fits best in extra-large spaces that need more breeze coverage.

4. Dynasty

A unique classical ceiling fan that is literally a showcase for craftsmen's exceptional handcrafting skills. The elaborated artwork on metal depicted in classical motifs is a visual feast. The classic combination of wood and metal finished to extremely high standards adds to the overall richness of this fan's appearance.

The fan's ancient appearance makes it suitable for use as a design element in high-end luxurious private areas, resorts, and vacations. This makes for a terrific personal style statement as well as a spectacular performance.

5. Monarch Classical Ceiling Fan

The highlight of this fan is the dazzling brass inlay work on the body. Handcrafted embellishments emphasise the ethnic look while also adding credibility to the artwork on the fan. The fan, as a design element, offers a sense of old-world richness, making it a great complement to large houses, boutique hotels, resorts, and retreats.

6. Shalimar Antique Silver

A fan, or should we say an ornament for the place in which it is displayed. This is a very opulent work of art rendered in pure silver. The intricately sculpted designs on the hub, together with the beautifully textured and highly polished wooden fan blades, create a stunningly gorgeous combination.

It is intended as a design showpiece for heritage spaces and high-end resorts that want to provide comfort to guests while also adding a classy antique touch to their settings.

7. Sovereign

This sleek classical ceiling fan has a streamlined design and a highly exquisite finish. It was created to resemble an antique fan, yet it has its own unique appeal. Blades with a characteristic fold enhance the overall look. Its simplicity and outstanding functionality as a design component allow it to blend in with practically any surroundings.

8. Re-Cast Metal Blade

Model Recast is influenced by 1960s classical design, which is commonly found in Havelis, palaces, and resorts. You can customize the design to your specifications


When you spend a lot of your hard-earned money on creating a home, you don't want to sacrifice anything, whether it's comfort or appearance. There has recently been a strong trend toward buying classical ceiling fans to add vintage air to the room decor. The Fan Studio has the best classical fans collection in India that adds comfort to a room, and they come in so many styles that you're sure to find one to match your decor.