Electrical Fan vs. Mechanical Fan - 5 Reasons to Make the Switch

Electrical Fan vs. Mechanical Fan - 5 Reasons to Make the Switch

If you are caught in the decision between an electrical fan vs. mechanical fan for your home, there is no need for further contemplation. Though electrical fans seem expensive and inefficient, there are so many reasons that these fans are better for you and the environment. 

Let’s get down to the basics of what an electrical fan is and how it works.

In simple terms, electrical fans are the advanced fans of today. They can also be said to be the best ceiling fans in India of today's generation. With electrical components that fit right into one another to provide more services than just quality air, electrical fans are multifunctional. In the war of electrical fan vs. mechanical fan, a mechanical fan can be interpreted as anything that is hand-held or something that is run by a motor.

Components of an Electrical Fan - Explained

When you imagine a fan, certain parts of the fan automatically come to mind. This can be the blades of the fan, the casing of the fan, the way that the button and other switches of the fan are placed, the motor at the back of the fan, etc. Diving into the components that distinguish an electrical fan from a mechanical one in terms of functionality, the basics are as follows:

  • Electrical fans work on current while mechanical fans can work on current or be dependent on a physical external force to move it.

  • Once some current passes through an electrical fan, it turns the motor of the fan on to produce rotational motion in the main center of the fan. In mechanical fans, there may or may not be a motor that helps in the functioning of the fan.

  • Electrical fans depend on rotational motion solely. On the other hand, mechanical fans can have rotational motion or side-to-side movement.

  • The blades of an electrical fan are slightly angled to provide airflow in the downward direction with maximum efficiency. Mechanical fans have straight blades that simply put air in motion. Efficiency is not guaranteed in these types of fans.

  • Most importantly, electrical fans are designed to provide cool air to the room that it is placed in. In contrast, mechanical fans do not have the pre-determined requirement of providing cold air to the room where is it placed.

Electrical Fan Vs. Mechanical Fan - Which Is Better?

Hands down, if you consider the efficiency, functionality, and the costing part of it, electrical fans are better than mechanical fans. Invest in luxury fans by The Fan Studio which looks gorgeous and that embodies class and elegance. These fans are sure to enhance the interior design look and feel of your space like never before. 

When making a purchase, consider the following things:

  1. Is the fan efficiently cooling the room?

The world’s environment and temperature have greatly changed over the past few decades. While a fan was more of a luxury item in the past, nowadays it is compulsory in every home in India. The prime function of electrical fans is to cool down the room and the person. Before making a purchase, check the efficiency of the fan and the range that it covers. The make and build of an electrical fan can be the key factor in deciding whether or not it is efficient and a good fit for the room.

  1. What is the air distribution of the fan like?

It goes without saying that the primary function of a fan is to cool the space in which it is placed. A fan's cooling is dependent on the air distribution mechanism that is in place. In retrospect, electrical fans provide more efficient air distribution than mechanical fans. This is because the motor blades of the fan are tilted to an optimum angle for maximum airflow. 

An important point to note, electrical fans come in several varieties that provide airflow both downwards and upwards. You might stop to wonder why is there a need for upward air distribution. To answer that: For rooms that need the air to be cleaned periodically for dust or any other reason, an upward fan movement allows the air in the room to clear out and be replaced with better quality air. 

  1. Keeping humidity, moisture, and temperature in check

Fans today come with several functions that not only include the primary air flow and distribution function. Fans are now automatic and are regulated using sensors. These are known as smart fans and come in a variety of designs. If you’re looking to turn your home into a smart home then start with the interior decor - choose Smart Fans from The Fan Studio

Smart electrical fans come in a variety of functions that keep in check and regulate the temperature, humidity, and moisture level in a room. These electrical fans come with sensors with pre-determined settings that can be altered according to the different requirements of the user. 

  1. Environment-friendly & low electricity consumption

In a comparison of electrical fan vs. mechanical fan, apart from all the features - the bottom line is the savings of electricity. Electrical fans are built in a way to utilize and harness electricity to the minimum to give maximum output. On the other hand, mechanical fans consume more electricity and give a below-average performance. 

  1. A luxury piece added to your home

Modern fans come in a variety of designs and a variety of styles. Each style of an electrical fan - be it of an ordinary function or a multi-functional smart fan comes with its unique look and feel. When selecting a fan, it is imperative to not only take into consideration the space where the fan is going to fit, but also the overall look and feel of the fan.

 Interior decor today is all about how one can transform the space that has been given to them into one that visualizes who they are i.e. their personality. Through electrical modern fans of varying sizes, colors, and textures, it is now easy to add a touch of luxury to a space without much thought about it. 

Why The Fan Studio has the perfect collection of fans for you

Fans are the basic component of a room. Though they are not given much thought at the time to purchase, a simple fan that comes with a variety of functions and a good build can go a long way. Being aware of the types of fans, and how electrical fan vs. mechanical fans are helpful to not only the environment but your home is key to assembling great interior decor.

Choose luxury and style with The Fan Studio. We present the best ceiling fans in India that can be customized according to the look that you want. It takes only one statement piece to accentuate the look and feel of your home - so why not choose luxury designs over ordinary ones? Our range of modern fans that are all electrical comes with a variety of functionalities that are bound to give your home the wow factor that it has always deserved.

We present a wide range of products from modern ceiling fans, classic fans collection, table and wall fans, outdoor fans collection, and more. It’s easy to find the perfect fan that fits your home with The Fan Studio.

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