The Unknown Health Benefits of A Designer Ceiling Fan!

The Unknown Health Benefits of A Designer Ceiling Fan!

Designer Ceiling Fans should be considered an essential, basic need during the summer months. Ceiling fans have several benefits that have contributed to their popularity today, and most people are unaware of the health-related benefits. In this blog, we will discuss many of the health benefits that ceiling fans can provide. Let's start with some of the dangers that high temperatures can pose.

The consequences of overheating begin with heat rash caused by excessive perspiration and progress to tiredness, dehydration, and hyperthermia as temperatures outdoors begin to climb and it becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy body temperature. When your body works too hard to stay cool, it might produce tiredness, making you fatigued faster. Excessive perspiration might cause your body to lose important minerals that it needs, compromising your immune system. Sweating might also cause your body to dehydrate too quickly. It can harm your organs, causing kidney stones and cholesterol issues. Dehydration is further exacerbated by constipation, and liver, joint, and muscle damage.

Designer Ceiling Fans circulate stagnant air across the body's surface, cooling the skin. This can assist maintain body temperature and lessen the hazards mentioned above, as well as aid in better sleep. The quality of sleep you get each night has a significant impact on your immune system and can help you avoid being sick. The usage of a fan while sleeping might increase the quality of your sleep and hence boost your immunity. However, it is best to keep a safe distance from fans while sleeping to avoid direct airflow, which might have a negative effect if you sleep too close. It is preferable to sit at least 3 feet away from the direct wind of a fan.

These health benefits also improve your pet's health if you have any inside your home. Because they cannot sweat like humans, dogs and cats benefit from the cooling effects of ceiling fans as well. Leaving the fan on in pet areas will help them stay cool and lessen their danger of overheating or dehydration. You can set timers for our Designer Ceiling Fans to help keep them cool and save electricity. Our fans are also ENERGY STAR certified, which means they may help you save money on your utility bills.

How do you keep your home cool in the summer? If you're like most people, you turn on the air conditioning and maybe open a few windows. But there's another method to let the breeze in. Ceiling fans are perfect for keeping things comfortable while not increasing your utility cost. Here are ten reasons why the answer to the question "Are ceiling fans worth it?" is "Absolutely!"

1. Distribute air throughout your home

Do you want to circulate warm or chilly air throughout your home? Designer Ceiling Fans aid in the even distribution of air from your air conditioner. Run your fans counterclockwise during the summer and clockwise during the winter.

2. Enjoy a steady breeze

A ceiling fan will assist you in controlling the temperature in your home. Regularly using a fan will keep your home comfortable and airy.

3. Lower utility bills

Tired of running the air conditioner all summer? Ceiling fans are more energy efficient than HVAC systems. Running your fan can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 8 degrees. That equates to significant savings on your monthly utility cost!

4. Better lighting

Ceiling fans provide additional lighting in your home. This is especially beneficial in low-light environments. To liven up your room, search for ceiling fans with many bulbs.

5. Technology

Ceiling fans today are not the same as ones from decades ago. Many come with a remote control so you may operate it from a distance. Sleeker blades, LED chips, and timers are also available.

6. More quiet operation (especially compared to air conditioners)

Designer Ceiling Fans are no longer the loud appliances they once were. While you might have been able to hear the ceiling fan in the adjacent room running decades ago, they are now much quieter. Fans today are so silent that you won't even notice they're on until you feel the cool wind.

7. Contemporary styling

There's no need to settle for clumsy, enormous fans. There are numerous finishes available now, including brushed nickel, walnut, and soft white. (These are only a few examples!)

8. Better for the environment

You may lessen your dependency on your HVAC system by installing a ceiling fan. According to research, they can lower energy consumption by 40% in the summer and 10% in the winter. That is a clear triumph for the environment!

9. Small footprint in your home

One advantage of ceiling fans is that they do not take up as much living area as a tower fan or space heater. You're probably not as concerned about utilising ceiling space.

10. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces

Cool breezes should not be restricted indoors. Ceiling fans are an excellent method to keep your outdoor living spaces cool. They're also wonderful for keeping bugs at bay!

Philip Diehl devised the electric Designer Ceiling Fans in 1882, contributing in the endeavour to circulate air and cool us down during the hot months. It produces a breeze effect, which blows away the stagnant air surrounding your skin that has been heated by your body temperature, helping you feel more relaxed in seconds. Since then, this invention has become a household staple, yet few people are aware of the hidden health benefits of using a ceiling fan. We have highlighted three major health benefits of utilising a ceiling fan in this article.

Increases Energy and Immunity

Sleep deprivation is a severe problem; it can cause cardiac problems, impair your capacity to think, accelerate the ageing process, reduce your energy level, and reduce the efficacy of your immune system. If you are a light sleeper who struggles to fall asleep or sleep through the night, placing a ceiling fan in your house can improve the quality of your sleep. Ceiling fans generate white noise, which helps you relax and sleep better by cancelling out external noises.

Reduce Heat-Related Symptoms

Ceiling fans are essential during a heat wave. They minimise the heat around you by circulating the air and so providing a cooling effect. The following are some of the most prevalent symptoms of extreme heat:

Fatigue – Extreme heat exhausts you. Your body is working hard to stay cool by maintaining a normal internal temperature. This extra work your body is undertaking exhausts you.

Heat Rash – Excessive perspiration can cause skin irritation, resulting in a heat rash. A heat rash inflames the sweat glands, preventing sweat from reaching the skin's surface to dissipate.

Hyperthermia – Hyperthermia occurs when your internal temperature rises above the normal range of 36.5 - 37.5°C. Extreme heat can raise internal body temperatures to dangerously high levels, perhaps resulting in disability or death.

Dehydration – Excessive loss of body fluids due to excessive heat produces dehydration. This can cause kidney stones, cholesterol difficulties, constipation, and liver, joint, and muscle damage. When your body loses a lot of fluid, you should expect low blood pressure, dizziness, exhaustion, and nausea, as well as additional spasms or cramps.

Nobody wants to live in a stuffy, uncomfortable environment. Ceiling fans efficiently convey the breeze into internal and outside spaces. You'll appreciate how cosy they keep your home, no matter the season. At The Fan Studio, you'll find a variety of contemporary ceiling fans that will complement your home's decor and provide the airy, breezy atmosphere you desire.

What changes will you do to live a better lifestyle now that you are aware of the additional health benefits of Designer Ceiling Fans?

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