Spice Up Your Home with Handcrafted Designer Fans

Spice Up Your Home with Handcrafted Designer Fans

Made in India products are making a comeback across all markets and are now on the “trend- setting” radar for most industries. From lifestyle, architecture, hotels, restaurants, and other posh luxurious ventures, designer handcrafted products are in high demand. Turning your home into an elegant and classy looking one is now easily possible with just one state-of-the- art handcrafted designer fan. Statement or designer fans are the easiest way to give a classy edge to any room. Handcrafted products that embody the culture of the nation and are proof of the long and diverse history of craftsmanship, art, and technique are always eye-catching to look at and instil a sense of pride among viewers.


Here are five benefits of owning and installing a designer fan:

1. They Enhance the Ambience of the Room

Ceiling fans are always in need and demand, irrespective of the type of room or home that you have, a ceiling fan is necessary and with The Fans Studio’s range of designer fans, there’s a fan for every ambience that you wish to create. Whether your preference is a modern fan with twin or triple blades, or a vintage handcrafted designer fan, all designer fans can enhance a room’s ambience.


2. Multifunctional Fans, Not Just a Status Symbol

Designer fans are not only meant to look elegant and pretty, and they are also proven to give better output in performance. Most fans today come with the inbuilt mechanism of saving electricity. In fact, some designer fans double in providing ambience lighting to a room as well like the Fan Studio Legend Light.


3. Customizations Available

While fans now come in a pre-made design with pre-decided colours for customers to choose from, why not get a customized fan design, finish, and polish? Customized fans are unique and reflect perfectly on the intricate details and the time that it takes to come up with the perfect combination. With the Fan Studio, it is easy to customize and make your luxury fan easily. Customized design fans are a statement for most.


4. Great for Indoors and Outdoors

Designer fans are not only limited to ceiling fans, they can also be in a variety of outdoor standing fans and portable fans. Standing fans that are true to their feature of providing cool air during hot temperatures while looking elegant, like the Fan Studio Antique Table Fan and Tripod Pedestal fan, are statement items in any room.


5. Made of Premium Quality

It’s no denying that luxury and stylish products are composed of the best materials that the market has to offer. As such, handcrafted or luxury designer fans are premium-quality and are proven to be more durable, give better performance, and require the least servicing compared to ordinary fans. For someone who prioritizes quality and functionality over everything else, while being in style, the Fan Studio modern fan collection is a perfect fit.


Designer fans are not only a statement item for homes, but they now come with a variety of functions and cater to the needs and requirements of the owner. The Fan Studio, with its consulting services for handcrafted designer fans, make it easy to customize your luxury product from the comfort of your home. Choose from a range of luxury designer fan products and stand above the rest with the Fan Studio.