The 5 Handcrafted Ceiling Fans for Every Interior Decor

The 5 Handcrafted Ceiling Fans for Every Interior Decor

The idea that a handcrafted ceiling fan can change the entire look and feel of a space is quite old. In the past, customised ceiling fans that were handcrafted and showcased a variety of intricate work would be adorned within an interior space. Today, antiques and rare pieces are at the forefront of items considered luxurious within the interior decor realm.

Designer ceiling fans are leading the race for functional statement pieces within a space. Clubbed with their functionality and benefits, these fans are eye-catching and effective as long-term investments. 

The beauty of handcrafted ceiling fans

In a country like India, intricate and detailed handcrafted items have been a legacy. For centuries, different techniques have been developed to ensure that craftsmanship has evolved. With the industrial revolution and technology mass-producing different items, the entire handicraft industry is under pressure. 

Thankfully, for the interior decor sector, handcrafted items and antiques of similar nature are seen as luxury items. Handcrafted ceiling fans represent centuries worth of artistry on wood and other metals. These ceiling fans, whose bodies and blades are adorned with artwork, take weeks-even months to make and are statement pieces. 

In addition to being handcrafted, these fans today are fitted with the latest technologies and gadgets to ensure that they deliver nothing short of the best performance. An ingenious blend of history with modern technology, handcrafted ceiling fans are built to be investments and to out-last ordinary ceiling fans.

5 of India’s most-loved handcrafted ceiling fans

Handcrafted ceiling fans and designer ceiling fans are synonyms for one another. Though there is a variety of collections of fans that one can choose from to amp up their interior decor game, we recommend the following five handcrafted ceiling fans that are bound to be the centerpiece of any room. 

#1 Monarch Camel Bone

Ideal for customers seeking subtly luxurious interiors. The Monarch Camel Bone has intricate carvings on its body. Its color mixture and the material of its blades are what give it the title of being in the category of luxury ceiling fans. As one of the top-selling fans from The Fan Studio, this fan can be customised to fit any space as per the requirements of the customer.

The Monarch Camel Bone fan is the ideal color and has been designed to fit into the interior of any room. This fan is the preferred choice for those who want to introduce elegance into their interior setting, with a mix of natural brown tones as well as orange and white colored carving. 

In addition to its simple yet attractive body, the Monarch Camel Bone fan comes with the option of automation. Its rod lengths, ceiling caps, and hanging clamps can all be customized to match the needs and requirements of the customer.

#2 Mysore Kalam Art

A fan that avidly represents the rich history and embodies the color of ancient India, the Mysore Kalam Art customised ceiling fan is a piece of luxury. This fan is well-known for its handpainted blades and body. The art accurately represents the culture of India and is commonly seen in many murals around the country.

Among all the different designer ceiling fans, the Mysore Kalam Art fan is regarded as the most beautiful. The fan can be customized in several ways, including the blade material finish and the motor finish. 

#3 Monarch Handpainted

Another exquisite addition to the handpainted series of luxury handcrafted ceiling fans, the Monarch handpainted is a detailed fan that represents art. Made to embody the most suitable colors that represent India and Indian culture, this fan is made to be a statement piece for any room that it is placed into. 

The Monarch handpainted fan is one of the most detailed fans in the collection of handcrafted ceiling fans. This fan comes equipped with all the necessary additions to ensure a high-quality performance every single day. The fan also comes with a variety of customization options that enable homeowners to design its material according to their requirements.

#4 Shalimar Handpainted

Another exquisite addition to the handpainted series, the Shalimar Handpainted is known for its finish and intricate work on the body of the fan. With plain blades that complement the gold work on the body, this fan illuminates any light that falls on it and becomes the focal point of any room.

The portraits of Indian rulers are a distinguishing feature of the Shalimar handpainted ceiling. The details of the portrait clubbed with the golden touch that is added to it, make the fan worthy of being in the designer ceiling fan collection.

The best part about being a part of the handcrafted ceiling fan collection is that these fans can be changed to fit into the dimensions of the room as wished by customers. These fans, like any other in the designer ceiling fan collection, can be customised to incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovation for a completely seamless experience for end users.

#5 Monarch Tanjore Painting

A handcrafted ceiling fan that has its core in the body of the fan. The Monarch Tanjore Painting designer ceiling fan is known for its details. With more color and intricate work among all the handcrafted ceiling fan series, the fan can be said to embody luxury and elegance in the simplest of ways. 

When it comes to being compact, this fan is far more comfortable in fitting into any space compared to the rest. With various options for the customization of the blade and body of the fan, this happens to be the ideal choice for many homeowners. 

In Conclusion,

Amplifying an interior space is easy with a statement piece that is bound to wow anyone who enters the room. For those who want an effective interior decor setting that embodies elegance, we recommend trying out customised ceiling fans. These fans not only look elegant but come in a variety of styles and features that make them the ideal choice for homeowners. 

In this article, we presented the top five handcrafted ceiling fans that are bound to be the perfect fit for any interior space, provided that they are customized accordingly. The best part about designer ceiling fans is their ability to be modified, which is the top reason why these fans are chosen over others.