Investing in Handcrafted Ceiling Fans: The Craze of Today

Investing in Handcrafted Ceiling Fans: The Craze of Today

For centuries, handcrafted products have been valued over other products. The elegance of these products, clubbed with the time and effort taken to make them, makes them unique in the eyes of the beholder. As such, most handcrafted items are made to be decorative pieces for homes. The Fan Studio presents a series of handcrafted ceiling fans carefully crafted for homes. 

The question today is whether these handcrafted ceiling fans and other fancy ceiling fans are considered the craze today due to their elegance. - To answer that, we’ll be diving into the cultural significance of handcrafted products.

The History of Handcrafted Ceiling Fans 

Did you know that the tradition of handcrafted items in India dates back to 5,000 B.C.? That was more than 7,000 years ago. Handcrafted items in the olden days were primarily made for religious purposes, and then they evolved into luxury items of personal possession for people. We also have to remember that in the olden times, handcrafted products were specially made and designed for special people. Those who desired to embody a sense of luxury and grace through their possessions.

Ever since the invention of the ceiling fan in 1882, handcrafted ceiling fans have been a craze. Fans at that time used to be made primarily from wood, and intricate work was possible on this type of material. The best part about these fancy ceiling fans was that they could be designed as per the choice of the customer and embody the emotions and personality of the owner easily through etching and design. 

Today, handcrafted products are valued more than ordinary products due to the uniqueness that they bring to a room. On the one hand, decorative ceiling fans stand out in a market full of products made of standard materials due to their elegant appearance.

Decorative Ceiling Fans: Are They Statement Pieces?

Absolutely! A statement piece of furniture is anything that creates an impact in the room. This impact can be either in the form of a giant statue in the middle of the room or something flashy. Statement pieces, by definition, are meant to make the viewer stop in their tracks to observe and admire the piece.

Decorative ceiling fans are very good examples of statement pieces. The fans, due to their decorative nature, are prone to being eye-catching and topics of discussion for guests. Decorative, or rather, handmade, ceiling fans are show-stoppers in any interior setting.

Reasons to Choose a Designer Ceiling Fan

There is no denying the utter feeling of joy and pride in the ownership of a designer ceiling fan. These fans, apart from being very aesthetically pleasing to look at, come with a variety of advantages for homes. Some of the major advantages include:

  • Luxury fans are more efficient compared to normal fans in terms of airflow.
  • These fans require less maintenance than ordinary fans.
  • Fans regulate more than just air - they also take care of the humidity and temperature of a room.
  • Infused with the latest technology - some handmade ceiling fans are fully automated.
  • These fans consume less energy and are more eco-friendly.

Modern ceiling fans come with their own set of advantages that are great for homes and the environment. These fans are the perfect combination of style and luxury and are a craze today among homeowners. Easy to install and completely hassle-free, The Fan Studio presents a unique range of handcrafted ceiling fans that blend effortlessly with your home. 

Choosing the Right Handcrafted Ceiling Fan for Your Home

If you have decided to go with a specially-made ceiling fan, the first step is to choose the type of wood or material that you want the fan to be made of. Some handmade ceiling fans come in only wood, while there is also synthetic material that can be found in the market. 

We recommend going 100% authentic, as ceiling fan specialists are known as the go-to destination for authentic, handmade fans. Handicraft work can only be seen on authentic bases and cannot be replicated.

The basics of choosing the right ceiling fan for your home include choosing the right colour and pattern of the fan. A simple trick for dark rooms, choose a light colour, and for light rooms, choose a darker colour. The more there is a contrast between your room and the fans’ colour and texture, the better. 

Other Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Luxury Fan

Finding the right fit of handcrafted ceiling fans for your interior design may seem like a mammoth task, but the biggest factor that has to be considered is the pricing. Handcrafted items are priced higher as compared to normal products because of the extra time and effort that it takes an artisan to create that piece. As such, being elegant, timeless, and valuable comes with its perks.

The cost is directly proportional to the number of details and customizations that a handcrafted customized fan must go through to meet a customer's requirements and taste. The lower the cost, the simpler the fan. As such, at The Fan Studio, we give customers the option to customize their home’s fan as per their requirements and wants. 

On that note, the number of blades that a fan has is in direct relation to how good or bad the airflow will be in the room. We suggest that the more blades, the better, since more blades lead to effective airflow distribution in a room. Traditional handmade fans, such as pedestal or wall-mount fans, have 3–4 blades, but these can be customized to have any number of blades upon request.

Are Luxury Products a Craze Today?

Yes! As mentioned above, in this age of everything being standardized on the market, people are on the constant lookout for something unique. Think about it, from flats at home to clothes designs, food menus, and every other aspect of life - everything is more or less the same and common for everyone. Psychology says that humans are curious beings and are always in need of finding something unique.

As a result, most people believe that when it comes to the interior decoration of a room, the more unique the product, the better looking the interior is. The demand and supply of luxurious interior decor items is a problem because of the rarity and uniqueness that are added to each product. This is the reason why there is a craze amongst people for owning a luxury statement piece. 

Our Expertise

The Fan Studio takes pride in our knowledge of designer ceiling fans. We offer a range of modern and handcrafted ceiling fans that are the embodiment of class and grace. With stores all over India, we deal with taking an interior and transforming it into a luxury space for our customers. In our opinion, and with the feedback from clients, we have seen a striking increase in the popularity of handcrafted products over machine-made ones in recent times. 

Each of our fans from the House of Tullu is the result of years of fine-tuning and refinement to ensure a snug fit in every space with which it is paired. Getting in on the action, we encourage all home and business owners to spruce up their spaces with the addition of a low-cost yet elegant handcrafted ceiling fan