Antique Pedestal Fans: Are they still in fashion?

Antique Pedestal Fans: Are they still in fashion?

Did you know about people's obsession with antique items? Antique Indian furniture, especially that which most Indians deem not valuable or rustic, is an international treasure for others. Furniture that is handcrafted, made from old wood, and has intricate craftsmanship is sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars around the world. So, the question that we ask is: Is an antique pedestal fan still fashionable?

Antique Pedestal Fans: The History

The pedestal fan is no stranger to having only remote-controlled sensor-based fans that control temperature and humidity. This fan has been in existence since 1882. One of the original fans, pedestal fans, is known for its on-ground, direct, and effective way of distributing air in a room. These types of fans, which work on a motor and have a high rotational capacity, are popular the most in Indian households.

When they were young, most adults recall an antique pedestal fan that was either standing or about the size of a table. These fans, which come with 3–4 rotating blades, were a lifestyle choice for Indians. Today, though not so popular since the discovery of the air conditioner, these types of fans are still in demand as antique pedestal fans.

Advantages of Owning a Pedestal Fan

There is a great difference between owning an antique pedestal fan and having overhead ceiling fans. Even though some of the best ceiling fans in India provide a range of services to rooms, there is something beneficial about being the owner of a pedestal fan.

Some of the benefits of pedestal fans you didn’t know about include:

  • Provide direct air to the room.
  • Allows free flow of air in all directions and can target all sections of a room.
  • Are a powerhouse of energy.
  • Consume less power and are more efficient.
  • have only a single power outlet.
  • Not restricted by chords and wires.
  • Can be transferred from one room to another.
  • Have ergogenic designs that are nature-friendly.
  • Utilize special materials during build for better performance.

Mostly due to the budget-friendliness, efficiency, and transport factor of pedestal fans, they are preferred over other types of fans that are present in the Indian market. Moreover, having a designer antique pedestal fan is something that has its unique charm. 


Antique, Cultural, Handcrafted Fan Series

There is a different value that is attached to fans that are antique, handcrafted, old, rusty, and functional at the same time. The best part about this is the value that is added to these antique wall fan due to the sheer amount of skill and time that is taken to make these fans.

“Old” or antique wall fans are making a comeback into the Indian market ever since the realization and value of “old is gold” has come back to life in interior decor. People today are more appreciative of the intricate craftsmanship, the hours of labor, and the fine eye of craftsmen who were responsible for making handcrafted series. This is also one of the prime reasons why antique fans today are considered to be a luxury product for many. 

Need for Beautification Today

The 21st century has brought on with it a technological revolution. The revolution has de-beautified several aspects of life that were once considered beautiful. For example, the blades of a fan that were once handcrafted and painted to embody the vision and personality of the homeowner, now are just bland blades. The need for beautification in the form of handcrafted fans is the need of the hour - which is the reason why antique fans are in trend today.

Interior design and decor have picked up. The traditional Indian decor no longer cuts for those who wish to live a life of luxury. Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, and one of the best ways that people embody luxury in their homes is by investing in a luxury product like an antique pedestal fan

Reasons to Invest in Antique Fans

Interior decor is a highly competitive market where value is not only placed on the materialistic items that a person has but the quality of the items is also taken into account. Many find that putting maximum investment into the fashion of luxury items is worth the product that they get due to the value add and the sentiment that is received from the product itself. 

Some more reasons to invest in fashionable interior decor items:

  • Improve the ambiance and the overall look of your interior.
  • Choose antique, handcrafted products that fit your taste and your home.
  • A statement piece that is bound to get everyone talking.
  • A one-time investment that comes with multiple benefits.
  • Energy-saving and cost-effective on long-time use.
  • Unique and customized according to your taste.
  • One-of-a-kind rare product that is not commonly available.

The Fan Studios provides a unique range of antique wall fans that are bound to pique your interest and show you how luxury is physically represented by a fan. The pedestal fan series is also available in a variety of styles, all of which are intended to instill a sense of elegance in any home. 

Antique Pedestal Fan vs. Wall Fan - Which is the better choice?

In the antique collection, there are many products that you can potentially choose from. Some fans are antique pedestal fans and then there are wall fans as well. When it comes to luxury, there are ceiling fans as well that are considered to be elegant. The choice between a wall fan and a pedestal fan is determined by the situation.

For those who are more comfortable with the direct-air flow and require a fan that gives all-around air performance with the utmost efficiency - we suggest going for an antique pedestal fan. On the other hand, wall mount fans are perfect for outdoor settings and provide a regular flow of cold breeze on a hot summer's day. 

The area of the room, the type of natural breeze that the room receives, and most importantly the efficiency of a fan - all three are important. These factors will enable a homeowner to choose the fan that perfectly describes and fits them.

What We Think About Our Antique Pedestal Fans

At The Fan Studio, we pride ourselves in the variety of antique, handcrafted, and elegant fans that we have. Ranging from fans having different types of blades, fans of varying efficiency, and antique wall fans, etc - we are known to be able to pair customers with their ideal fan type. 

Interior decor today is a lot different from what it was a couple of years ago. There are different people who all have their unique tastes and style of presenting themselves through their home's interior. But the one thing that we believe is common to all these homes is the requirement of a statement piece. A handcrafted antique fan is, in our opinion, the perfect statement piece for a home.

Antique pedestal fans are still in fashion and are making their big debut in the interior decor industry once again. These fans are now revamped to be more efficient, energy-saving powerhouses that are environmentally friendly as well. Though similar in their look and feel, these luxury fans are meant to preserve culture and aesthetics while being 100% compatible with all homes.