Ultimate Guide to Choose an Antique Wall Fan for Your Interior

Ultimate Guide to Choose an Antique Wall Fan for Your Interior

There is always something special when a piece of history is represented within the interior setting of a home. Be it an antique wall fan or a hand-me-down that has been in the family for generations, the feeling that antique items bring to the home is nothing compared to modern items today.

Many homes across India, especially those renovated while keeping their historic touch, have handcrafted ceiling fans decorating their rooms. Today, to get the same effect and vibe from a room, one has to invest in ceiling fans that are custom-made as per a room’s preference to bring out the same feeling.

What’s so special about an antique wall fan?

The important thing to note about an antique wall fan is that these types of fans are no longer made. Something as antique as this took years of work and experience to make. It is a lost art that was probably prevalent 30 to 50 years ago. Now, antique fans are replaced by modern ceiling fans and handcrafted ceiling fans that are equally luxurious but can’t be compared to the products of our history.

Antique fans have handmade blades. These fans were mostly made from very expensive and in-demand wood materials that are scarce or very pricey today. The fans featured a variety of intricate craftsmanship. The fans featured a variety of intricate craftsmanship. The fans would also function according to the requirements of the time at which they were made.

Antique wall fans in India preserve the heritage and culture of the country through a variety of handicraft forms that are all displayed on one ceiling fan.

Indian history and antiquity

In its unique way, India has seen unprecedented growth as a nation. The nation has managed to not only adopt modern concepts into their day-to-day lives, but they have also managed to preserve the heritage and the architecture of our forefathers.

Today, there is a tag of luxury attached to everything antique. The desire to own an antique artifact stems from a desire to reconnect with one's roots.

Be it an almirah or even a decorative piece that has been handmade and is rustic or made from special materials, the antiquity of the item is preserved forever. Today, the more authentic items that are in a home, the better the feeling that it emits. According to data, more homeowners prefer antiques and luxurious items over ordinary items for their quality and outward appearance.

Where can I get antique wall fans in India?

Antique wall fans in India today can only be found in shops that sell used furniture. If one is lucky, they might get their hands on an antique piece, but there is no guarantee on the functionality of the same.

The best way to get your hands on an antique wall fan in India would be through stores that provide custom-made fans. These stores, among the best ceiling fan providers in India, have a reputation for making the finest ceiling fans that not only look exquisite in an interior setting but also have superb performance.

The Fan Studios offers a selection of antique wall fans that will enhance the look and feel of your home. These fans have been specially handcrafted to fit into every style and shape of the room and are custom-made according to the preferences of the homeowner. Antique fans are notorious for their rustic look. We take it a step further to ensure that the look and the performance of the fan are nothing less of top-notch quality.

Prerequisites for purchasing handcrafted ceiling fans

Antique wall fans fall under the category of handcrafted ceiling fans. They are known for their intricate designs and the unique colors that they show. A couple of points to take note of before adding a statement luxury fan to your home’s interior:

  • Ensure to purchase from only the top handcrafted ceiling fan provider in the country. There are a lot of dupes of antique wall fans in the market. To preserve authenticity, making a confirmed purchase is always recommended.

  • Check the quality and build. Most handcrafted ceiling fans come with the option of having customization options. If you are all set to customize your fan to fit the interior setting, then make sure to have a keen eye on wood types and designs. Most of the best ceiling fan providers in India have expert craftsmen who assist in the entire building process.

  • Payment options. There is no denying that there is a premium price that is associated with luxury ceiling fans. In a comparison of normal ceiling fans with handcrafted ones, the make of the fan is not the only differentiating factor. In addition to being made of nothing but top quality, handcrafted fans also come with a guarantee from the seller and additional services that commercial fan sellers do not provide. As such, different payment options are available to the homeowner for ensuring that they add a touch of elegance to their home. 

  • As mentioned in the previous point, handcrafted ceiling fans that are provided by some of the top sellers in the nation come with their own set of additional benefits. These fans have a longer guarantee than normal ceiling fans and get added service benefits as well.

In Conclusion,

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to one’s home, there is nothing that can match the effect of a luxury antique wall fan. As a nation with a rich cultural heritage and history, these fans are not just elegant, but also a reminder of their ancestors' perseverance and long history.

As a result of the fusion between modern ceiling fans and antique fans, high-quality, elegant fans are readily available to anyone seeking to enhance their interior decor. Most designer handcrafted items today include all of the features that ensure superior performance.

At The Fan Studio, we recommend choosing a ceiling fan that best represents the atmosphere of the home that you want to create and that goes with your personality. We offer a range of diverse antique wall fans that are perfect for every interior setting.