Qualities To Look For While Buying A Pedestal Fan Online

Qualities To Look For While Buying A Pedestal Fan Online

Pedestal fans are gaining popularity across the country. Their effective performance and fast cooling make them an excellent choice for Indian households. These portable, quick oscillating fans can cool off any room in your house.


Here are some things to consider when buying the best pedestal fan!

Air Delivery

Pedestal fans in India are well-known for their tremendous air delivery, which is measured in CMMs (Cubic Metres Per Minute). This simply denotes the amount of air pushed out per minute. The stronger the breeze, the more air the fan blows out. CMM is also affected by the space you select. For example, a pedestal fan used in broad spaces can span 3,000 CMM or more, but if you want to utilise a fan indoors, the range would be around 60-100 CMM.



Fans rotate at varying speeds, which is what provides cooling. This is estimated in RPM, or revolutions per minute. As a result, the faster the fan spins, the quicker the cooling. Pedestal fans are classified into two types: normal and high speed. A pedestal fan with 1300 RPM is considered standard, but anything above 2100 RPM is considered high speed. A good RPM range for indoor use at home, however, would be anything between 1300-1400.



The material used to make a pedestal fan is one of the most important aspects determining its durability. It could be made up of metal or plastic. Plastic ones are lighter, making them easier to transport from one location to another, whilst metal ones are more strong and more durable. Before making a purchase, consider the number of hours of use, the likelihood of rusting, the maintenance requirements, and so on.



When buying a pedestal fan online, keep in consideration how much physical room it will take up in your home. Always consider the blade sweep and height when deciding where to install your fan. Sweep is the diameter of the circle formed by a spinning fan. The fan's sweep size and height should match and comfortably fit in whichever room you wish to set the fan. Another consideration is the size of the room in which you intend to install your pedestal fan. If the space is larger and the fan has to cover a larger area, the height must be changed proportionately.

Noise Factor

Heavy fans with higher output tend to produce more noise, forcing you to pick between performance and silence. Remember to test the fans in several speed modes to see whether they are noisy. Some newer types of pedestal fans include silent technology, making an excellent choice for nighttime use.


Aesthetic Design

Nowadays, everyone wants to match their appliances to their furniture. Pedestal fans, in addition to their many capabilities, are available in a variety of colours that will blend well with your existing decor. Furthermore, thanks to technological advancements, you may now have an LED display on your pedestal fan.



When buying a pedestal fan online, make sure it comes with a variety of features and functionalities. To begin with, it should include a remote control that allows you to manage the settings and fan speed from anywhere in the room. Modern models also include a timer that allows you to turn off the fan after a predetermined amount of time. Another feature to look for when selecting a high-quality pedestal fan is a display with electrical indicators that determine fan settings.



We understand that household appliances like pedestal fans can appear to be overpriced at times, but when you consider all of the features, benefits, and convenience they provide, it is clear that they are more of an investment for the future. Because of its portability and small size, it may be used both indoors and outdoors all year.


Fan Modes

When considering buying a pedestal fan, another factor to consider is the fan mode. Make sure the fans have a way to regulate the speed of their blades. Some fans now include extra abilities such as a breeze and a sleep mode. These characteristics replicate a natural wind, which makes them effective, especially at night when the noise from it may interfere with people.



When purchasing a pedestal fan, it is critical to examine all of the features listed above. These characteristics define an optimal pedestal fan. If you are seeking a fan with advanced features that also improve the aesthetics of the area, you may check our website and select the ideal one for your needs.

So, before you make a purchase, we hope you would think about these factors to assist you to make your selection. Check out The Fan Studio's latest pedestal fans for a low-cost yet effective cooling solution!