A Fantastic Designer Ceiling Fan for Home Decor!

A Fantastic Designer Ceiling Fan for Home Decor!

While decorating our homes, we make sure every element of our home is well-designed. But, we forget the most generous commodity of our home, which is a ceiling fan- that comforts you, relaxes you and beautifies your home.

A beautiful art piece hanging right in the centre of your room makes your space more lively. Then why not install the fantastic designer ceiling, which is both decorative and functional? A perfect designer ceiling fan will give your home a welcoming look. It even lessens your need to get more decorations if you have a great designer ceiling fan.

If you are struggling to find the best designer ceiling fan that matches your home, don’t worry, we have shared some tips to help you pick the perfect designer ceiling fan.

How to Choose the Designer Ceiling Fan

Here are some things to consider before heading to buy a designer ceiling fan.

Consider the Interiors

Consider your interiors while selecting your designer ceiling fan, for instance, a classic ceiling fan for vintage-themed interiors, or an elegant designer fan for contemporary interiors.

Identify the Dominant Colour of the Interiors

Identify the dominant colour of the furniture and complement the fan colour matching it. For example: If the upholstered furniture is dark blue, choose the dark blue coloured fan.

Finish of the Ceiling Fan

Choose the finish of the fan matching the flooring. For example, The fan with the wooden finish best complements the wooden-style flooring.

Again if you have metal interiors all over, a fan with a metallic finish looks fantastic. If the door metals, desks, and handles, have the brass finish, a fan with the brass coating looks fabulous.

Light for Decorative Ceiling Fan

Adding the light element to the decorative ceiling fan is a personal choice. The lights on the ceiling fan, enhance the aesthetic look of the fan.The ceiling fans are available in a range of light options, such as led lights, and halogen lights.

If you want to party or don't want lights at night, or prefer natural light, you can adjust the lights according to your mood. 

Height of the Room

It is important to consider the height of the room for effective cooling. If you have a low ceiling, a hugger fan or the flush mount ceiling fan is the perfect choice. Also, remember that such a fan reduces the head clearance in the room. And the cooling capabilities of the hugger fan are extremely low, therefore not suited for hot regions.

If you have a higher ceiling, a fan with an extension rod is the optimum for proper air circulation. For the average ceiling, you can choose a standard ceiling fan or one hanging with a rod. This ensures that the room is sufficiently ventilated. The standard ceiling fan comes in a myriad range of designs, versatility and options making it an ideal choice.

Energy Efficiency

The fan from the best fan companies in India uses the best components and high-quality materials to guarantee high performance and low energy consumption. Again the good quality ceiling fans save you from the hassle of maintaining the inefficient ceiling fan.

 Check out the wide range of designer ceiling fans at The Fan Studio, that not only promise a good feel but also works towards energy efficiency.

Check out Popular Designer Ceiling Fans

Handcrafted Ceiling Fans

The old is brand new, this is the modern definition of luxury. The handcrafted ceiling fans bring inspiration from ancient Indian handicrafts. These fan symbolises the long history of India and is mostly used in traditional Indian interiors.

In this type of interior, earthy, bright and soft colours are used. The designs are enhanced by colours such as blue, yellow, orange and pink. For those looking to adorn their traditional houses, the handcrafted designer ceiling fan is the better choice.

Vintage Ceiling Fans

The designer fan's vintage and retro looks evoke a sense of nostalgia. These fans feature the intricate designs and finishes of ancient times. These fans are painted with good quality colours and the finishing touch with the wooden paint for the vintage feel. A fabulous vintage fan adds character and charm to the space.

In Conclusion:

The designer ceiling fan at the fan studio is the perfect amalgamation of exotic looks and efficient performance. These best designer ceiling fans in India, come with a dust-resistant body, durable paint, high efficiency and low maintenance. With innovative designs and modern styling, these fans add a luxurious feel to your home. 

Add the majestic touch to your home with intricately crafted designs, a lot of decorative features and modern design, the designer fans at ‘the fan studio’ add premium luxury to your living room, drawing rooms bedrooms and others.

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