Choosing a Fan for a Traditional House: A Ultimate Guide

Choosing a Fan for a Traditional House: A Ultimate Guide

When it comes to decorating our traditional house, we try hard to add all the elements complementing our traditional style interior, whether it's furniture, sofa, interiors or art pieces. Then why ignore the humble fan that provides you comfort and adorns your house interior setup? 

An efficient, traditional, customised fan at ‘The Fan Studio’ is a perfect cost-effective option that imparts a regal traditional look to your house.

Our fans are centred on timeless and authentic designs and traditions, bringing back the classic times of the golden days! Along with the aesthetic and traditional look, you get the comfort of modern life by having modern features like remote control, smartphone operated and energy-efficient features.

Traditional Fans as a Home Decor

We all know that adding antique pieces to our space makes it luxurious and classy. But sadly, the antiques are often rare and costly. And the good news is,  now you don't have to be extravagant about buying an antique item.

Fortunately, at ‘The Fan Studio’ there is an array of traditional and antique fans available for your home decor. With the variety of traditional fan options, you can choose the fan that complements your traditional home interiors. Also, you can choose designer handcrafted fans showcasing Indian traditional artwork to embellish your house interiors. And if you want to impart a classic British look, there are colonial designs too.

Although modern fans have become far more efficient, and effective, some people still like to live in the olden times and prefer antique fans. They want the fan to serve both utility and decoration purposes.

Tips to Choose the Best Traditional Fan

Before selecting the fan designs, consider the existing interior, furnishing, and style of the space.

And select the fan that complements and blends with your existing decor.

Have a look at some tips -

Consider the Style of your Decor

Whether you have traditional, contemporary, colonial, rustic, or minimalistic, choose the fan that best suits your style. We have customised fans for each need of yours.

Identify the Dominant Colour of Furniture
Identify the dominant colour of the wood and choose the fan blades colour matching it. For example, if you have upholstered furniture of a cherry-stained oak moulding fireplace, or cheery tinted wooden floors, choose the fan blades with a cherry finish. Or, if you have a hardwood floor, complement the fan colour with the floor colour.

Interior with more Metal Hardware

If you have metal hardware all around the interior, choose the fan having a metallic finish. If the elements like your desk, door knobs, door handles, and drawer knobs are brass coated, then choose the fan with the brass finish.

Best Handcrafted Fans to Elevate the Traditional Interior Look

Here is a short guide to style the home decor with the aesthetic, traditional Fans for:

Indian Culture Style Fans for Traditional Lifestyle

Indian culture is vibrant, with loud colours and subtle textures. There is a prominent use of blue, yellow, orange and pink. And the same reflects with the interior decor and with the fans. Handcrafted fans display the Indian culture with designs, art and techniques. Indeed, it is the popular choice among Indians.

Mediterranean Style Fans for Retro Living

Mediterranean Decor focuses on using neutral earthy colours. The overall colour is on a lighter pallet. The decor style is linked with Mediterranean regions, including Greece, Malta, Morocco, and Monaco.

A three to four-bladed fan with a square-bladed fan is the perfect choice. Further, open space (Mediterranean style) allows the use of multiple fan blades with a squarish shape. This  maintains optimum airflow circulation.

You can hang a European-styled traditional minimalist fan to feel the European air!

Bohemian Style Fans for Charming Touch

You can set your home bohemian style by simply adding a fan that perfectly suits your boho style. The Boho-style themes include the usage of neural colours and sticking pastel colour palettes. Furthermore, the Boho style focuses on mixing colours, the art of layering patterns, and combining furniture.

A dark-coloured multiblade fan is the perfect choice for Bohemian interiors. As the boho theme is usually light-coloured and subtle, including a dark-coloured fan would add brilliant contrast.

Colonial Style Fans for reflecting Luxury and Grandeur

The colonial term reminds us of luxury, minimalism, and grandeur. Colonial fans are ideal for an urban setting with an aesthetic vintage style. They are designed to offer superior performance and maximum comfort for the grandiose rooms.

Along with the style, these luxury fans use modern technology to guarantee efficiency and style quotient. They are perfectly engineered to avail us of the choice of blade width, blade count, illumination options, and fine finish.

Overall, the colonial ceiling fan is an effortless way to add luxury to your home 

Types of Colonial Fans

Let's explore the luxury colonial fan collection with The Fan Studio-

Majestic 1945 Ceiling Fan

This fan has a sophisticated, streamlined design, with an impressive finish. The fan appeals to vintage lovers with its unique vintage charm. The fold impression on the wooden blades makes it stand out from other vintage fans.

Estella Ceiling Fan

This fan is unique in its design and shape. The fan has spectacular Grecian design features on the metal. The hardwood shafts act as the blades of the fan, and the spear shapes at the centre are the most appealing. 

Era Ceiling

This fan truly exudes the aesthetic colonial era. The 4 engineered blades exude dexterity in performance.

Eminent Ceiling Fan

This fan is unique in terms of its shape. The fan blades are curled at the ends. The fan design looks antique in appearance.

Handcrafted Fans that Showcase the Indian Culture

A handcrafted fan is the centrepiece of the house. And a perfect handcrafted fan can take your home decor game to another level. You can adorn your interior spaces with a variety of aesthetic fans. 

There is a variety of handcrafted fans available to decorate the interiors. Handcrafted fans at ‘The Fan Studio’ represent centuries of artistry work on the woods and metals. The traditional handcrafted fans today are the perfect blend of tradition and modern technology.

Here are 5 most loved handcrafted ceiling fans:

Monarch Camel Bone

For those looking for subtle luxury, Monarch Camel Bone is the perfect choice. These fans have intricate carvings all over. The colour palette and blade material make the fan look luxurious. At ‘The Fan Studio’, you get customised and exclusive designs and sizes as per your requirement.

Mysore Kalam Art

This type represents the rich history and culture of ancient times. These fans are known for their hand-painted blade and body. The hand-painted designs display the cultural mural of India. The fan is customised, by including the blade size, finish and motor.

Monarch Hand-Painted

This is another exquisite form of a hand-painted fan. The hand-painted designs represent India and its culture. This fan acts as the masterpiece in the room. Again, there are customised options available for your requirements.

Shalimar Handpainted

Shalimar's hand-painted fan is known for its intricate design and finish. The plane blade beautifully harmonises with the gold work on the body. The fan illuminates the room when the light falls on the gold work to become the prime focus of the room. The fan is incorporated with modern technology for a seamless user experience.

Monarch Tanjore Paintings

This fan is known for its details and elegance. With more colour and intricacy, the fan is the epitome of simplicity and elegance. This fan comfortably fits any space compared to the rest. Again, you get the customisable option available for the body and blades. This fan is ideal for homeowners.

Final Note

When it comes to choosing a ceiling fan, it's important that you make the right decision, as the fans are permanent fixtures of your house. We recommend you choose traditional fans by closely monitoring your interiors, style, and needs.

At The Fan Studio, you get a variety of traditional fan options while caring for your modern needs!

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