Prepare For Indian Summer With Designer Ceiling Fans

Prepare For Indian Summer With Designer Ceiling Fans

Indian summers are hot. The heat, sweat, and humidity in certain places all combine with a lack of wind and rain to make the summers hotter. There is no way to escape the Indian summer heat but to find an alternative that will make a space relaxing and cool. As a solution to the uncomfortable atmosphere of heat and humidity, The Fan Studio presents its unique range of designer ceiling fans.

A fan is a basic piece of furniture that nearly all interior spaces have. But, did you know that there is a major difference between a normal ceiling fan and a designer ceiling fan. These unique ceiling fans are made to look aesthetic and beautiful and to incorporate superior performance.

The Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India for Summers

Designer ceiling fans are unique in their make and look. These fans are built for long-term usage and are best known for their customization options. In the summer, when the air is hot, having a unique ceiling fan that outperforms ordinary ceiling fans is a must. For this reason, we present a collection of the best ceiling fans in India.

But, before we present our collection, a special note should be made about the number of blades in a fan and its influence on the airflow. More blades in a fan need not mean more air in the room. On the contrary, fewer blades increase airflow efficiency and make unique ceiling fans perform at their best. 

Aviator 3 Blades

The Aviator 3 Blades is designed ergonomically for the most efficient performance. This is a handcrafted ceiling fan that is made with the best teak available to bring a distinct look to every room. The blades are hand polished to give a smooth, glassy finish. The overall look of the blade, including the color and finish, is what makes this type of fan the go-to choice for any interior space. 


Among one of the best sellers from The Fan Studio, the Jade is known as a unique ceiling fan. The simplicity of the fan, its shape, and the body of the fan are what make it elegant to look at and exponentially better in performance than ordinary ceiling fans. 

Apart from being simple and artistic, this fan comes under the best designer ceiling fan collection for its variety of finishes. Apart from having different motor finishes, the blades of the fan can also be customized in different ways to suit any interior setting. 


As the name suggests, the Aspire ceiling fan was designed to handle all weather conditions. The fan is most popular for its sleek, modern design is best suited for interiors that match the vibe of the fan. The Aspire ceiling fan best suits the modern interior decor and can be customized to fit the requirements of customers.

Apart from its functionality, the Aspire ceiling fan can also be equipped with the most modern of technologies and innovations. Innovation has enabled fans to be more efficient in terms of their performance and more convenient for customers. Through IR technology, remote controlling, the installation of temperature control, and other features - these designer ceiling fans are equipped to be at the top of their performance during the summer.

Steps for Installing Unique Ceiling Fans this Summer

Before going ahead with installing a fan from the "best ceiling fans in India" category, the first step is to identify the type of ceiling fan that is ideal for the space. The Fan Studio offers a range of ceiling fans, from modern ceiling fans to handcrafted and handpainted ceiling fans. Each ceiling fan is unique in its make, can be customized as per the options available, and is known for its peak performance. 

The steps to choosing the ideal designer ceiling fan for your space include:

  • Finalize the design of the ceiling fan that you think is ideal for a space. At The Fan Studio, we also provide consultation to assist clients in finding the perfect ceiling fan that best matches their interior requirements and their personality.

  • Check all available customization options and turn the designer ceiling fan into a unique one. In addition to customization, several internal changes can be made to the fan to improve functionality.

  • Order the designer ceiling fan. At The Fan Studio, each fan is crafted and made according to the specification of customers. This is the prime reason why we take time in the making process of each fan. The fans are made to not only look elegant within the interior space that it is designated for but it is also supposed to perform at their peak. 

  • Lastly, the installation process. The Fan Studio has a team of engineers and mechanics who specialize in installations. We ensure that the unique ceiling fan is installed perfectly into the designated space and leaves the customer satisfied.

In Conclusion,

Switching over to a designer ceiling fan is one of the best decisions that one can make for their interior space. These fans look exquisite and also perform well in the Indian climate. For long-lasting and peak performance, these fans are considered to be the best of the best. Choose the designer ceiling fan that best suits your interior and your taste with The Fan Studio today!

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