Tips for Cleaning Modern Ceiling Fans!

Tips for Cleaning Modern Ceiling Fans!

Modern Ceiling fans are unquestionably the most popular cooling device in India. Furthermore, the tropical weather necessitates its extensive use for the majority of the calendar months of the year. Given that any functional equipment necessitates some maintenance, cleaning your ceiling fan on a regular basis is a good idea if you want to enjoy the trouble-free performance. Cleaning not only makes your fan sparkle but also adds to its radiance and length of life.

What If You Don't Clean the Ceiling Fan?

modern designer ceiling fan collects dirt and dust on its blades and around the engine if not cleaned regularly, which not only looks bad but can also cause wobbling, humming, and motor failure. Aside from that, a filthy ceiling fan, when turned on, spreads dirt and grime throughout the room. As a result, it is recommended that you clean your ceiling fan at least once a month. 

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan?

Cleaning a designer ceiling fan may appear to be a mammoth effort, but it is not if you follow these simple guidelines. To guarantee your safety, turn off your ceiling fan and check that the blades are still in place before beginning the cleaning process. You must also wear eyeglasses to keep dust out of your eyes. When utilising a stool or a stepladder, be sure the balance is correct. Before beginning any approach, make sure you have everything you need.

Method 1: Using an Old Pillowcase

You read that correctly, "a pillowcase." This is one of the most unique and effective methods for cleaning a luxury ceiling fan. To begin, you will want a stool or step ladder to easily reach the fan blades. As you would with pillows, slide an old pillowcase into a single fan blade. Pull the pillowcase slowly off the blade while holding the blade from both sides to ensure that all dust wipes off and falls directly into the pillowcase.

Repeat the procedure with each blade. A moist towel can be used to remove any remaining dust. You can clean the pillowcase by putting as much dust as possible into the garbage. Then it just has to be washed on a regular basis. This procedure takes very little time and produces no mess.

Method 2: Using a Vacuum Cleaner

You can quickly clean your modern ceiling fan if you have a vacuum cleaner with a wide and flat dusting attachment. The fan blades must be freely accessible to facilitate thorough cleaning of the ceiling fan. You can use a stool or a stepladder to ensure that you can reach the fan blades without difficulty. While cleaning the fan, gradually run the brush attachment across the blades in one direction. To find a sparkling clean fan, repeat the method for all of the blades. If you still detect dust, wipe it away with a moist rag.

Method 3: Using a Long-Handled Duster

If you clean your fans on a frequent basis, utilising a long-handled duster may be the most convenient approach to clean the ceiling fan. To gather filth, cover the area beneath the fan with a tarp sheet before beginning the cleaning. To avoid inhaling dust, use a piece of cloth to cover your nose and mouth. Begin cleaning the fan by dusting the canopy, then moving on to the rod and fan motor cover. When cleaning the fan blades, start at the top and work your way down, moving the duster from one end to the other.

Repeat the process with the remaining blades. Using the same method, clean the bottom of the blades. When you're through, carefully pick up the tarp sheet and carry it to the trash and outdoors to get rid of the filth. 


Regardless of the method you use, be sure you don't exert too much pressure on the blades so they don't distort. Though the fan blades collect the most dust and filth, the fan with lights also needs cleaning. It is recommended that you clean the light fixtures of your ceiling fan once or twice a year if you have one. Depending on the type of light fixture, you can either wipe it clean with a rag or scrub it in the sink, then reinstall it when completely dry.

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