Ceiling fans with light - Transform your space today!

Ceiling fans with light - Transform your space today!

Setting up fans and lights in your spacious living rooms to decorate is not only for Diwali. But you can do it whenever you will feel like you want to change the decor game of your house. And we at the fan studio promise you to provide not only the coolest- breeze but also an elegant art piece. A chandelier that you and your guest will cherish at every house party! 

The Fan Studio’s, six-bladed beauty, would look magnificent on your ceilings. Ideally suited for larger living areas, its grandiose metallic finish lends an elegant homely touch. An excellent option to add both lovely illumination and a "Whisper-Quiet" wind to keep the place well-ventilated with an opulent appearance is a designer fan with lights.

This will not only give you the satisfaction of a cool breeze but it will also transform your house from an ordinary decorated house to an elegant and amusing house where you have the romantic light illuminating fan!

The Fan Studio was a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge designs to the high-end designer fan market. Multicolored LED Light Kits- Warm Lighting, White Lighting, or even Day Lighting choices, installed inside the fan domes. Our luxury fans have been illuminating spaces for years since 1999. It is ceiling-mounted functional art created with a specific interior purpose in high-end residences in mind.

The color and design of your ceiling fan should be picked to complement the room's decor. The color of your ceiling fan should either match or contrast with the decor of the room, depending on the impression you are going for.

For example- if your living room falls into a darker theme, it would be preferable to use a light-colored ceiling fan, such as cream-white or beige. And when this fan will be induced with light will not only make a great combination but also help you maintain enough light in the room!

This will give the room a sense of balance when combined with other elements in your area, such as the colors of your furniture and the type of flooring you have. This demonstrates the value of ceiling fans in every home. They not only help you maintain cooler temperatures but also provide a touch of style and beauty to your home.

Space- Space- Space

No matter how big or small your house is, it needs the proper amount of ventilation when you are hosting a house party and even otherwise! 

Making space in house when it is all settled is quite impossible (and there remains no I’M POSSIBLE in this, practically!)

That’s why you should make a few decisions prior to concluding your home decor program! And which fan which light to be installed is as serious discussion as any other! 

To keep you away from confusion of the same, we have brought you a simple solution- the best ceiling fans with light intact. Now, you can save some space and effort by installing normal lighting and romantic lighting, and fan, and a hanging art piece when we have it all in one! 

Visit our website to check out our light intact fans- that we make according to your demand and need! So as to make sure that, no matter how big or small your home is you will feel pretty specious! 

It's not 2 in 1, it's 3 in 1 with The Fan Studio- 

When it comes to decorating the house, we go all above and beyond to make it look beautiful and feel comfortable! 

But can you imagine, while going above and beyond to achieve the perfect look and feel, what if your house starts feeling crowded, with all the art pieces and coffee tables, and lights- night lamps and hanging wall pieces and all? 

That’s why we are bridging you a 3-in-1 fan- which surely will cool the temperature in the room, but also has lighting- deem or bright as per your demand, and with such a great design on it, it will be as good a chandelier in your living room or any other room you prefer! 

Options in Designing & Lighting- 

It’s so space-consuming also confusing that you have 2-3 different kinds of light to create the feel of the situation. For example, you have normal- white lighting for daily usage! But you also have deemed yellow lighting for romantic occasions. And you need to have bright yellow light because- Duh! They are perfect to take photos when you are all ready for going out! For sake of the perfect selfie! 

Apart from the fun part- you have the perfect lighting in your house! And we at The Fan Studio offer you a perfect solution to your lighting problem of your along with the promise of keeping you cool, in summers and winters! 

All and every design suitable to your house, color theme your house, and completing all your designer luxury fan related expectations are met here. Check out The Fan Studio. 

The Idea Itself- 

This is an excellent example of inventiveness. The mix of lights and fans coming together is something we could never have imagined. And that item would also convey a sense of opulence and royalty!

We have a large selection for it as well, taking into account that it is one of the innovations at the Fan Studio, where we have a collection of the best ceiling fans in India. The concept of the light intact best ceiling fans-  is fantastic for any luxurious and designer light intact fans! 

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