Replace the AC with the Modern Ceiling Fan!

Replace the AC with the Modern Ceiling Fan!

We all have experienced scenarios when the ceiling fan continuously rotates above our head, yet we feel hot and uncomfortable. It means that our ceiling fan is outdated, and it's high time we replace it.

If you are looking for options to cool yourselves in the hottest month of summer without running out on energy bills, a great modern ceiling fan is a must.

How the Modern Ceiling Fans are Better than Air-conditioners

When think of intolerable heat, what comes to our mind is HVAC. No doubt the air conditioner provides relief, but unfortunately, it disturbs your budget as well. Here is where the effective ceiling fan at The Fan Studio comes into play.

They are cost?-effective and cool you by consuming way less energy compared to an air-conditioner or conventional fans.

Used alone or along with your air conditioner, a cool breeze fan will make you feel cooler at home, at work, or during study sessions. 

The question arises, does the ceiling fan  bring down the temperature, well the answer is no. But then how do we feel like they cool us? Read below to know the answer:

Do the Fans Cool the Room?

The fan does not really change the temperature of the room. It just circulates the air in the room, making a breezy impact in the room. You can compare it with the air hitting on the face in the open window of a moving car.

Similarly, when you run the fan, the air is felt on the body, giving you the feel of a cool breeze. However, the temperature of the room is not changed even a little. It is the air that evaporates the sweat that constantly makes you cool.

For example, if the temperature of the room is 80F, a fan gives the feeling of 72F. The reason is, the excellent air circulation of a fan creates a wind chill effect?, to leave you cooler and refreshed.

The ceiling fan work on the same principle of escalated heat loss effect- Escalated heat loss makes your body feel cooler than the actual temperature. For instance, when the temperature outside is 35F, and the wind is blowing at 25mph, your body will lose heat to feel like it is 8F.

Get a Cool Breeze from Modern Ceiling Fan: Practical Tips

A ceiling fan pushes the air downward to evaporate the sweat to make you feel cooler. Nevertheless,  fans don't change the temperature of the room, unlike the air conditioners.

Here are a few tips to make use of the fan effectively:

  1. Don't run the Fan in an empty room

There is a notion that running the fan in an empty room will cool the room. But it's a false notion. Running the fan unnecessarily in an empty room will do nothing more than increase your energy bills. It will not lower the temperature of the room even a little.

  1. Selecting the accurate size of the Blades

Blade size is an important factor when purchasing a ceiling fan. The size of the blade is directly proportional to the size of the room. If you have a large room, consider buying a ceiling fan with long blades and vice Versa. Overall, the correct blade size creates a better airflow inside the room.

  1.  Pair your Modern Ceiling Fan with Air Conditioners

If you have a ceiling fan with an already installed air conditioner, use them together. The air conditioners will introduce cool air while the ceiling fan will circulate it all over. A Ceiling fan works best in low humidity by quickly evaporating the sweat to make you feel cooler.

Besides, one degree rises in your AC, saving one per cent of energy. Hence, you can reduce energy consumption in the long run and so energy bills.

  1. Purchase Energy-Efficient Models from the Best Fan Companies in India

Before buying a ceiling fan, make sure that it is energy-efficient. The energy-efficient models at The Fan Studio can save up to 60% of energy compared to conventional fans.

  1.  Run your fan at Low Speed

When you buy the fan, don't forget to read the efficiency labels stating the amount of airflow offering cubic feet per minute per watt at a slow speed.

  1.  Make sure your Fan is rotating Counterclockwise

The counterclockwise motion of the fan pushes the air downwards, to further create the wind chill effect.

Conversely, clockwise motion gives a warmer effect in winter.

How to Drive Down the Temperature of Your Room?

Here are practical steps to bring down the room temperature:

Architecture of the House

You can create a cross breeze through screen doors and open windows. A cross breeze helps to pull the hot air away, making a home cooler and more comfortable. Further, you enhance the cooling effect with the electric fan.

The houses having structures like porches and pergolas help the house to maintain a lower temperature. The external structures absorb to avoid overheating of inner rooms.

Avoid direct Sunlight

Sunlight can add a lot of warmth to your room. By adding light-coloured curtains, you can filter direct sun rays.

Place the Fan

As said earlier, the fans do not cool the air, instead; they circulate the air. So, place the fan (of course portable fan) in your windows where the natural ventilation is maximum. They should be facing in an outward direction to throw the hot air off the room.

Shut down the Electric Appliances

Electric appliances produce additional heat, contributing to hot summers. Again, keeping electric appliances running creates unnecessary heat. Not just that, it will also increase your energy bills.

A fan is a powerful tool to deal with the hot summers, especially when you do not have  AC. The fan is cost-effective and easy to install. Plus, you become environmentally friendly by using less energy!


Summers are getting hotter and there is the onset of extremely hot events, and there is no better time to replace the old outdated fan with a cost-effective and efficient modern ceiling fan exclusively designed for the Indian climate. Now gateway to a cool breeze with the best ceiling fans in India at The Fan Studio.

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