Choosing the Fans for Small Spaces: Guidelines

Choosing the Fans for Small Spaces: Guidelines

Is your ceiling fan too small or too large for your small kitchen, laundry room, office cabins, small bathrooms, small bedrooms, and stairwells? Does it feel warm, or discomfort to spend time there? Or is there an unbearably massive amount of airflow? That means it’s time to replace your unfriendly fan. Or rather read this blog before buying a fan for your small spaces.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of excellent fan options available at The Fan Studio for each need. Choosing the right small fan will instantly improve air circulation, cool you, comfort you and guarantee fresh and healthy air!

 A perfect ceiling fan - will instantly cool your heated-up kitchen, not interrupting the cooking process. And you will be more productive working in small cabins. And you no more have to sacrifice your favourite space just because it is always heated up!

But choosing the right fan can be tricky. This blog post will simplify things and help you choose the right fan for small spaces. Before moving forward, let’s begin with some basics-

Why Small Spaces are always heated up?

Small spaces are always heated up due to reasons like-

  •         Poor air circulation
  •         Poor ventilation
  •        No AC
  •         The heat from people and objects
  •        Sunlight

Heat, along with humidity especially in the summer, creates dampness in tight spaces. This leads to mild dew and moulds. Sometimes it also creates patches of fungus on walls and all over, which makes the air unbreathable and harmful. This requires immediate action. Thanks to a small ceiling fan- A small solution to a big problem!

What are rooms that require Small Ceiling Fans?

Some spaces in our house are extremely warm and damp, making them the most undesirable spaces in our house. These spaces are-

  • ·        Bathrooms:

Bathrooms are compact and damp, small ceiling fans can be a great source of ventilation.

  •          Laundry room

The laundry rooms are wet and damp. Further, heat from driers results in a hot and damp room.

  •          Small offices

Installing a small fan provides air circulation when the doors are closed. A small fan will give a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for working.

  •        Hallways

Hallways are not ventilated and lack natural airflow. A small fan can keep the air flowing to allow pleasant passage.

  •          Nooks

Some nooks of our homes are unavoidable. A small fan gives this already stuffed place a new life.

Small spaces are heat spots in our homes. And installing a small fan there creates a lot of difference.

Things to consider while choosing Small Ceiling Fans?

Buying a fan is a one-time investment. You don’t consider changing the fan unless it’s broken or stopped working. So, it is important to choose a perfect small fan to cool your room. A few Criteria to consider before buying a small ceiling fan are - Size, Style and Power.

Size Guidelines for Buying a Small Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right size fan is important to create an optimum amount of airflow volume.

Consider space size before deciding on the fan size to create the right airflow for the small-sized room.

Here is the guideline for the size of the fan-

1.  Ceiling Fans Less Than 29 inches for Very Small Spaces

These size fans are recommended for areas like small bathrooms, stairwells, walk-in closets, and laundry rooms. Such fans are ideal for tiny spaces. These fans are designed to withstand dampness and moisture from bathrooms, compact rooms and outdoor patios.

2. Ceiling Fans between 29 and 36 inches for Small Spaces

This sized fan is perfect for small rooms of size between 50 to 75 square feet. Fans of such size are perfect for children’s bedrooms, medium-sized bathrooms, and small offices. These fans are suited to tiny spaces with low ceilings, hence easy to install and maintain. These fans are designed to withstand dampness and moisture from bathrooms, compact rooms and outdoor patios.

3. Ceiling Fans 52 and 56 inches for Large Spaces

The fans are sized from 52 to 56 inches and are the most common type recommended for large bedrooms, large kitchens, and living rooms. They are better for medium-sized rooms between 144 to 300 square feet. For the bedroom whisper quiet fan is needed.

Let's discuss the types of small ceiling fans

What are Types of Small Ceiling Fans?

Dry-rated indoor Fans

These types of fans are suited for dry indoor areas only. They are the perfect choice for the bedrooms, drawing rooms, and living rooms.

Damp-rated Ceiling Fans

These are designed to withstand the dampness from both interior and exterior spaces. The interior areas like bathrooms and exterior areas like covered porches or patios are prone to dampness. The damp-rated fans are moisture-resistant and rust-resistant, making them the best choice outdoors.

Wet Rated Ceiling Fans

These fans are ideal for open spaces like open porches or pergolas. These fans are designed to bear direct contact with water. The material of the fan withstands seasonal weather changes. Damp-rated ceiling fans are waterproof and antirust, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Can a Small Fan Cool your space efficiently?

When it comes to cooling, the size of the blade doesn’t determine the air circulation. The power of the motor to spin the fan blades decides the air circulation and cooling effect. Even the small fan at the corner of the room is capable of moving a thousand cubic of air.

Things to consider before buying a Fan for Small spaces


Consider the interior of the space when choosing the fan. For instance, choose the fan with the style and finishes that match the kitchen’s aesthetic look.


Consider the height of the room before installation. And ensure your fan comes with clear installation instructions and is easy to install.


Look for a fan that is easy to clean and maintain. Also, make sure that the replacement parts are readily available if repair is needed in the future.

Overall, choose the fan that will complement the interiors and effectively ventilate your space.

Other Features to consider while buying Small Ceiling Fan

With the advent of new technology, new-age fans have come with premium features and designs.

  •         Smart features

The smart models of fans come with Wi-Fi or internet support which allows us to operate the fan with your smartphone. Some fans are compatible with google assistant and Alexa and operate on our voice commands.

  •         Non-dust

Non-dust fans are coated with nano paint. These fans accumulate 50 per cent less dust than normal fans.

  •          Designer fans

Nowadays, a variety of models are available that complement the interior of your room.


Small spaces are the most heated and most ignored spaces of the rooms. Choosing the correct fan according to the size of the room is important to ventilate and cool your room.

The spaces such as laundry, washing rooms, home offices, hallways, bathrooms, and nooks are often poorly ventilated and warm. In such spaces, it is indispensable to install efficient small fans.

Small ceiling fans are low in cost and high in benefits. A small ceiling fan is a worthy investment. Such a fan ensures you enjoy every nook and corner of your home!

The Fan Studio is most recommended for your modern fan needs. We have a wide range of collections catering to all your fan needs.

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